Friday, June 15, 2007

A quick final word

On the way back from mountain biking today, I saw a brawl in the median. One guy was bleeding and waving around a tire iron at another guy, plus there was a lady shouting and calling someone on her cell phone in a threatening manner. It was madness.

With that, I'm off to Missoula for vacation (and to see R's wee nephew for the first time). Can you believe the 15 goes all the way from San Diego to Montana? Notice how I called it "the 15" in total SoCal fashion (instead of just "15," as we referred to freeways up in NorCal)? I've gone native.


Lara said...

i'm a norcal habitant now, but i still call freeways "the ____" because i am a socal girl at heart. ;)

alyndabear said...

Yikes! Brawls scare me..

We just have freeways. No special names. Only random numbers, like M5 or M4. I just drive on 'em.

Have a good weekend!

Teacher Anonymous said...