Sunday, June 24, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

I'm back! Actually, we got home last night a little before 11 pm, after having driven for over 16 hours. R is a hard-core driver (plus we really wanted to just get home), so we drove straight back from Montana in one day. I'll share more about the trip once I've recovered, but needless to say it was wonderful and R's nephew is the cutest and most friendly baby I've ever met.

Look at what was waiting for me at home:

Tomatoes and cucumbers! I could also see the very beginnings of a couple of watermelons. They're not ready to eat yet, but the plants were only just beginning to flower when I left.

Also waiting for me to return was a phone call from a high school looking to interview me for an intern position! Unfortunately, the Principal's cell phone number got cut off by my answering machine, so I have to wait until Monday to call back. I have been looking at the school website to soothe my curiosity until then, and the place looks amazing. The school has a rich culture and history, wins lots of academic and athletics awards, and even has a pool. I'm thrilled at my luck and also terrified that I won't do well enough. In any case, I imagine I will be able to learn a lot from the teachers there. Now if only it wasn't quite so far from my house and didn't start so early (7 am!). Then I would really be in paradise.

I apologize for all the exclamation points, but these are just exciting times.


Miss Profe said...

Looking good!

My father can't wait until the tomatoes on the vines develop. He likes fried green tomatoes.

BTW: I found my way to your blog via superkimbo over at Follow That Elephant.:)

Teacher Anonymous said...


I've only had fried green tomatoes once, but I've been thinking about them when I look at the tomatoes I've got on the vine. It's probably just because I'm impatient.