Friday, November 23, 2007

It's the most wonderful (shopping) time of the year

I love online Black Friday sales that start at midnight. You see, I would never in my life brave the actual stores, nor would you ever see me trying to be somewhere at 4 in the morning on a day off*, however midnight is a time I am often awake and the computer is generally as far as I'm willing to go for shopping. I guess the Black Friday sales have finally reached the non-shopper demographic.

* We were up pretty early for the Wii release, but that's another story.


Rachel said...

I hate the idea of waking up at 4am to wait in line.

But online? That's doable.

moonbirdliz said...

sweetheart, you read my mind. i was literally telling rob that the other day. and my sisters. except that i was so exhausted from packing that even as i was happily clicking away at midnight, i fell asleep. i had nightmares about paying a mortgage anyway, so it was probably good that i was unsuccessful at shopping on black friday. what did you buy?????

Teacher Anonymous said...

I got a Christmas present for my step-mom, an insulated lunch bag that I'd been planning on buying for months now, and a make up bag/shampoo bottles bag set. They're really cute!