Sunday, November 04, 2007

Things I would do if I had a little more time

Organize my shit.

Finish the photo album I started.

Create the things I design in my head.

What do I get to do instead? Call the houses of my entire sixth grade science class, in the hopes that more than a couple of them will bring in their rough drafts tomorrow for editing.

We've been working on these essays for a month.

I hate kids.


Rachel said...

That's a great idea for a post!

I'm still debating whether or not to take on the stress of being a teacher. :)

moonbirdliz said...

don't stress!!! winter break is nearly here... before that, thanksgiving! i was stressing and so went baking in the kitchen... and learned an important lesson i'm sure that you picked up on when you were 3... why we don't use fresh berries in cookie dough... it's too dang juicy!!!!! it turned my precious, super popular cookie dough to something dark purple (from the blackberries) and mushy. I'm baking it anyway. It would have been perfect for halloween!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Your blog is soooooo fun to read.

Teacher Anonymous said...

rachel - From what I understand, it gets a lot better after the first year. My problem is that I've discovered I don't like teaching this age group and I'm at a school with a school culture of not turning in homework (I'm also simultaneously in a Masters program, which kills any free time I might have). If you're wanting to get your feet wet, I know several people who started out as classroom aids before going into teaching programs.

liz - See you Tuesday!