Friday, September 08, 2006

A complaint about my neighborhood

This morning there was a fly in the car, which we discovered shortly after setting out. This of course meant that I had to roll down my window. I got it about a fraction of the way down, before quickly rolling it back up and letting Rich take care of the fly. You see, it's not that I have some open window phobia, but rather that the street corner near our condo is where all the Mexican day laborers hang out. We turn right at that intersection, and pulling up to the corner and rolling down your window is the signal to them that you want to talk. Now, I know that they're probably perfectly nice people, and their labor is valuable to the people of San Diego, and they're only trying to feed their families, and I know that they have to gather somewhere in order for people to find them, but why my corner? Why?! Groups of people just give me the willies. I will never ever be able to walk to the shopping center now, since the very idea of it makes me so nervous.

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