Thursday, September 21, 2006

A talk about my course of study

Last Friday I went to the orientation for my graduate program and signed up for classes. This was, of course, very exciting (I think signing up for classes is my favorite part of the year), but I also found out about a few negative aspects of my schedule.

1. I won't be graduating in June 2008, but rather the end of July 2008. Even though the first year of the program is really light (not even full-time from the financial aid standpoint, so I have to take another class just to fill out my schedule), they apparently can't cram all they need to into the second year of the program, which results in my having to take summer school. Not really that big a deal, but I was planning on getting married in late June 2008, and now have to move it back to August. Had they posted an example schedule on their website (instead of/in addition to just listing the classes you're required to take) I wouldn' t have gotten my heart set on June. Oh well.

2. The two classes I have to take this quarter are in the evening, which means that on Mondays and Wednesdays I'll be getting home at 8 or 8:30, which, not being single, makes dinner a bit more challenging. I've decided to dust out the crockpot (I've used it twice in the nearly two years I've had it) and do a little slow cooking. That way dinner will be ready for R when he's hungry, and then still be hot and ready to eat when I get home. The upside of this is that R will be getting a little more involved in the cooking, as he'll have to add final ingredients, shred meat, and whatnot. Ever since the cooking in La casa de A & R moved beyond boxed noodles, R has been somewhat absent from the kitchen.

Anyway, class starts tomorrow (my fluff class anyway) and I'm rather excited!

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