Friday, September 22, 2006

A newsworthy experience

So, this afternoon, when I went to the workout room to exercise, someone had gotten there before me and was watching TV. Now, aside from the presence of another human being, this doesn't sound like a bad thing. They even had it turned to CNN, so, really, it should just be a factual workout, right? Wrong. Half hour story on the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son, which contained maybe five minutes worth of information. It was horrible. They kept playing the same clips, restating the same facts, and making really dumb conversation.

"Gee, it's hard to loose a child. I wonder how she's taking it?"
"Well, she's devastated. We can talk to her about the new baby, but any time we ask about Daniel she just breaks down."
"Gee, that must be really hard. So young, too."
"Yes, as we said before, he was only twenty."
"So very young." my skull...

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