Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A reason to stay in school

...To learn how to spell, obviously.

This does bring up a fear of mine. Teachers have to write on the blackboard/whiteboard, and spelling issues really stand out when 30 people are depending on what you write. My spelling is not so good, having attended a Spanish Immersion program from 1st through 6th grade (where English spelling was only briefly touched upon in the final year). I suppose it's a good thing I'm not going to be an English teacher, as there seems to be a bit more forgiveness when you're not actually trying to teach a language. I had a Biology teacher in high school who had a similar problem (she was British, so she used some different words and spellings, but it worked out to be the same issue), so I suppose bad spelling doesn't have to be a handicap. My handwriting, though (sigh). I suppose I'm just the kind of person they made Powerpoint for.

A side note: you would not believe how long it took for me to get this photo. This trailer has been sitting there in the construction on the way to work, and a month or so ago I noticed the poorly spelled graffiti and, for some reason or another, it struck me as really hilarious. Once I decided to preserve it for all time in a photo, I then faced the challenge of taking a picture from a moving vehicle. I could only get the shot on the way to work (and on the days I wasn't driving), and, digital cameras being how they are, timing the photo was a challenge.

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