Saturday, September 09, 2006

A weekend foray into the world of Frisbee golf

Having been cave dwellers for the past few years, R and I launched Operation Get Out Of the House On the Weekend (aka Operation Stop Sitting On Our Lazy Asses and Watching Television All Weekend). For the past month or so we have just been going to the beach on Saturdays (an easy activity in San Diego, as long as you don't mind the walk to and from the car), but this weekend we decided to change things up and go Frisbee golfing. I suck at throwing Frisbees, so I was a little concerned. It turned out alright, though I was clearly the loser out of the three of us. It was fun. Really fun. So much fun, actually, that we got a set of disks and are going to go again tomorrow. You do have to wonder about the type of people who go there, though. While we were waiting for the group in front of us to finish up, I overheard this conversation from the group behind us:

"So, looks like I'm going to have a girlfriend pretty soon. Guess I'm gonna have to try and stay faithful."
"It's hard to be faithful living downtown."


I shall leave you with the shoe tree, which can be found by the second tee.

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