Monday, May 14, 2007

It's probably all in my head

Is it weird that I have this lingering desire to move to Sweden? I'm sure I'm just over-idealizing it in my head, but I think it would be nice to live in a place that is full of people who enjoy the outdoors, shun small talk, and don't feel the need to be constantly grinning like idiots (but the taxes. Gah!). Perhaps it's just that I never had the chance to live abroad. I really wish I could have done that during college, and I hope that I can provide my children with the financial assistance to do that if they wish. I think it is just that I can see my window of opportunity approaching - being nearly finished with school, childless for a little while longer and not yet owning a house - but knowing that we probably won't take advantage of it (What about jobs? Our stuff? The cats?). There is definitely a part of me that wishes we would go somewhere new and different for a year before settling down for the rest of our lives.


Lara said...

sweden? that's odd to me, but just because it seems so totally random, like if you said you wanted to move to zimbabwe or timbuktu. :-P

Teacher Anonymous said...

Well, I've got family there, so Sweden is a place I hear about fairly often. There's lots of wilderness and snow, which is great for an outdoorsy person like myself, but you're close to all of Europe (which I have never been to and would like to explore). Plus, you can get by without knowing the language (not that I wouldn't want to learn a bit anyway).

Of course, this is more a fantasy than a real possibility, but it's still cool to imagine.

superkimbo said...

I would love to live in Sweden! You should totally do it!

If it wasn't for winter, I'd be all over Scandanavia. And I don't have any family there, it's just clearly a fantastic place to live. We've been to Finland, Denmark and Sweeden and they're all just wonderful. I think I liked Copenhagen the best, personally, but they each have advantages and disadvantages.

You could definitely get a teaching at one of the international schools! And Stockholm is so beautiful - all the canals!

Send me an e-mail if you're interested in how to get started, I'm so sure you would LOVE it!

Teacher Anonymous said...

I probably would love it, but R isn't down with it at all. He has agreed to traveling there as soon as we have a chance, so that will just have to satisfy my wanderlust.