Monday, May 07, 2007

Too close for comfort

On my way back home from San Luis Obispo, I stopped for gas at the exit before my house. As I was filling up my car, I noticed a large cloud of dark smoke rising from not too far away. Hmm... that's really close to my house. I trace the roads with my eyes. That's REALLY close to my house. I call R, just to check that everything is alright. He says he can see people standing about outside, so he goes the check out the situation and I rush home. As I get closer and closer to my neighborhood, I see more and more people standing about and more and more fire trucks. It turned out that the hill behind my house was on fire. This picture was from when they had it pretty much under control (which happened fairly quickly), but at one time we could see flames on the ridge of the hill when we were standing in our driveway. Eek!


Lara said...

oh no! i'm glad you all are safe. that must have been so scary. :-/

Teacher Anonymous said...

Well, by the time I got home the firefighters had already established a perimeter and there was a helicopter dumping water every minute or so, so it wasn't too bad. I think we were much more frightened during the 2003 fire. One of my friends could see fire in 3 different places from her bedroom window at one point in time.