Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Life, in this case, being pictures from my garden.

It turns out that reports of the trees in the garden were somewhat exaggerated.Yes, the trees exist (although the Philippine lemon trees are definitely kumquat trees), but they were apparently only watered four times last year and so were in need of some loving. As you can see, since I've started watering them regularly the trees have begun sprouting new branches and leaves. I don't think I'll ever be getting any mangoes off the poor mango tree, though.

The backyard happens to be a sunny and excellent place for growing vegetables. I've planted some and they've really taken off. Here is one of my tomato plants.

Delicious cucumber.

Watermelon. I just had my first slice of the season today. What bliss!

Corn! I'm so excited for my first harvest. Nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies.

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