Friday, May 04, 2007

Two quick anecdotes before I disappear for the weekend

The cats have returned. Ever since we moved we have hardly seen a whisker or a tail (except at meal times). Apparently, there was much exploring to be done. They must have finished to their satisfaction yesterday, though, since last night they were suddenly their usual selves (i.e., wanting to be in the same room with us, no matter what we are doing). I'm glad to have them back, but at the same time I was enjoying not having to bribe/coax/chase them out of the bedroom at night.

Yesterday, while reviewing the notes from a video on the atmosphere, there was a bit of confusion due in part to my handwriting (and my students' inability to read it). We were listing the layers of the atmosphere and one student said we were missing one - the "lonosphere." I gave him a funny look, but then the rest of the class and I realized what he was talking about. Earlier in the week, when the students were copying down vocabulary words, I had written the words by hand and I had capitalized the first letter of each of the terms. My capital 'i' happens to look like a lower-case 'l," and while this fact had been noticed and talked about immediately after I wrote it, apparently this student hadn't heard the discussion. In any case, when I'm in my own classroom, I think I'll just type the vocabulary.

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