Friday, May 25, 2007

They can be so cute sometimes

Wednesday was my last day of apprentice teaching. When my host teacher announced this to the class there was a general cry of sadness which promptly disintegrated into talking (which is quite typical of this class, the talking). I got a couple of hugs from students - I think a few are going to genuinely miss me. Of course, I also gave them candy, so that's bound to sweeten their recollection of me (pun intended).

Being done with apprentice teaching, I suddenly have a lot more time then I used to. Some of this is taken up with sleeping (no more 5:30 am wake up calls, at least few months), but it has also been nice to be able to do stuff around the house. I put together a bookshelf today. We went to Ikea last weekend to acquire some new furniture, only to find that they'd slightly changed the color of the bookshelves (even though they're calling it the same color). They also slightly changed the size of the cheap bookshelves we have in our bedroom, seemingly in preparation of phasing out that line entirely. We wound up having to settle, but since this is just apartment furniture it isn't the end of the world. We're also trying to get the last few boxes unpacked (or at least hidden away in the garage), as Sunday we're having people over to show the place off. I'm calling it our Memorial Day Weekend BBQ House Warming Shindig Get-Together.

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