Sunday, May 20, 2007

Latest firsts

- Ate my first soft shell crab on Friday. I took R out on a date for some sushi and we decided to order the soft shell crab roll. You could see the little crabby face at one end of the roll and all the legs sticking out the other. Really tasty!

- Put my chain back on my bike for the first time yesterday. The first time it happened to me I had to have one of the guys do it, but since then I've seen it done several times (happens frequently while mountain biking), so I was just able to reach down and do it myself. Three cheers for self-sufficiency!

- Installed my first shower head this morning. The one that came with this place had the teeny tiniest stream of water, so it definitely had to go. Replacing the shower head turned out to be incredibly easy, and so this morning I had the most glorious shower.

- Built my first computer yesterday... Well, sort of. I put some parts from my old one into R's old computer, so it wasn't as though I built it straight from scratch. Plus I got a lot of help from R (though I did do pretty much all of the work myself). I've since been installing all the programs I can't live without. Really time consuming, but it is nice to start fresh every once in a while, and get rid of all the old programs that I used to use ( [cough]Sims2[cough] ).


Snoskred said...

Hi, it's Snoskred here. I found you via Nablopomo last year. I'm just dropping by to let you know that I read your blog with google reader whenever you update, and that I enjoy your blog. I'm re-doing my links on my blog, and I have linked to you in the sidebar.

There is nothing better than a glorious shower. ;)

Teacher Anonymous said...

Neat! Thanks for reading.