Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've finally got it!

Yesterday, during a very noisy Jeopardy game, I gave one of my students The Look. It wasn't my normal "oh, I say I'm annoyed but I can't stop smiling" looks. No, this one was a full on "if you don't stop that right now I'm going to have you drawn and quartered I'msonotkidding" look. The kid, who had been talking incessantly, actually shut up, and the rest of the class was quite startled. My host teacher was so proud.

I do think I am getting slightly better at this discipline thing. Today we had our unit test and we managed to maintain a silent classroom for the whole period (unlike last time, which ended up being quite noisy by the end). Admittedly, I still don't have the teacher presence needed to keep the kids quiet from across the room - the silence took a great deal of enforcement. It did say silent, though, which means I'm making progress.


alyndabear said...

Mastering "The Look" (which totally warrants capitals) is one of the BEST moments in teaching so far.

Am proud!

superkimbo said...

A life changing moment, for sure! I love being able to quiet a class with just a change in my demeanor or a look on my face. Classroom management is just so satisfying!