Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The all-shoe post

Given that I've been neglecting LaBloShoeMo for a few days, the only way to make it up to you is in a glut of shoe pictures.

These here are my lab shoes. I originally bought them because I was longing for a pair of red sneakers, but almost immediately after buying them I tried to put them on without unlacing them, irreparably crushing the soft, puffy backs of the shoes. As they were somewhat uncomfortable, I abandoned them for years in the back of the closet, unwilling to wear them yet unwilling to throw them away. During my time at the Health & Safety department at my university, I had to occasionally walk inside of labs during the course of making their emergency exit maps. As my preferred footwear is the sandal, that lead to a bit of conflict with my boss. In order to be able to wear sandals the rest of the day, I had to provide a pair of work shoes, something I wouldn't miss from my wardrobe. My red Vans wound up spending several years living under my desk at the university, and have seen many of the nooks and crannies of that fine institution. Exactly what I will do with them now that I no longer work there, I don't yet know.

Here are some more shoes I don't really wear that often. The white sandals I purchased for R's brother's wedding last summer. I've worn them a couple of times since, but they seem to have an agenda against my little toes, so I can't wear them for long.

The natural cotton China flats were originally part of my step-sister's renaissance fair costume, which she gave to me when she went back to Washington DC to live with her father. Unfortunately, I wound up giving away the costume when I moved down to San Diego (which I regret) and the shoes are the only part of it remaining in my possession. They are freakishly narrow (although it could also have something to do with the abnormal width of the front of my foot, as pointed out by the snowboard boot salesman), so I don't tend to wear them as they make one of the nerves in my foot twinge in pain.

The black flats I probably wear the most out of this group of shoes. Although you really can't see it in this picture, the front is gathered and there is a little bow. So cute! Still, a little narrow at the toe, so I get that twinging pain if I walk too much in them.

The brown kitten-heeled mules are really cute on their own, but look really odd when worn for some reason. I've never been able to understand it, but since they are rather impractical for walking up hills or stairs they've never been favored anyway.

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