Monday, December 03, 2007


I've given up.

Well, perhaps that isn't the correct term. I've hit the point where the little things don't bother me quite so much, as I know that it will all be over soon. Only six out of thirty-two students bring in their rough drafts? Whatever. All of you who didn't can go work on the computers (which were conveniently empty). Should I try and cram in more new topics? Nah, lets just focus a bit more on what we've been learning, do some sort of concluding activity, and move on to an end-of-semester reflective portfolio piece. I've even planned a whole week for my sixth graders to do make-up work (to be fair, it's a week of shortened days and many other teachers are just showing movies). I'm just trying to not stress myself out too much, give myself time to finish homework (which I should probably be doing right now), and make it to December 14th.

Nine more days.

Oh, and since everyone is doing it, R's sister has elfed us.


I swear, they don't look nearly so scuffed and beat-up in person!

As you can probably tell, these black Kaya flats are well-loved. These are the only nice shoes I have that don't hurt my feet. I've worn a hole in the toe and will be very sad when it comes time to replace them.


alyndabear said...

I am INCREDIBLY jealous at how earlier your school year finishes.

Our year goes from Jan 29th right up until Dec 21st.

Completely unfair!

Rachel said...

Wow, that's unbelievably stressing to even read.

(Although I do love black flats.)

Lara said...

ooh, i have some shoes similar to those, and they're also well-loved. :)

Nic said...

I've given up as well. The last (shortened) week will be nothing but movies so I can grade things in time to turn in grades which is the last day of the semester. I don't know how teachers sustain their energy through December.