Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The sounds of Christmas

[tink] [tink] [tink]
[twang] [twang]
[tink] [twang]
"Agh! It's vibrating my face."

(We got everyone mouth harps as stocking stuffers.)

New firsts

1st white Christmas (within memory). I may have had one when I was three, but all I can remember is the airport and my grandparents' awesome patchwork carpet.

1st game of Settlers of Catan. I can totally see why my high school friends are all obsessed with the game, as it's really fun.

1st case of strep throat. Yay!


Geggie said...

Hope you're feeling better!

moonbirdliz said...

Merry belated Christmas/ Happy Holidays! Sounds like we both passed through Vegas on the way to our snowy vacations! I ended up in Brian Head, Utah, snowboarding, snow shoe hiking, and admiring the white, white, whiteness of the cold. We must swap stories. I miss you! I'm home again, with in-laws soon to follow, but we should make plans for next week. What are you up to? Call me! XOXOXOXOXO