Friday, December 21, 2007

Greetings from the road

Salutations from Provo, Utah, home of BYU and a supermarket that goes by the name of Ream's. Slightly incongruous, but there you go. Here are the tales and highlights of the trip so far:

I finally managed to see the famed chocolate fountain at the Bellagio. Last time we were there, R and I searched high and low with no luck. Fortunately for us, R's sister had been there previously, so she served as our guide to moderate marvel that was the fountain. R and I felt slightly silly upon discovering that the fountain was really easy to find. We had passed within 50 yards of the thing while originally searching for it.

Apparently snow makes me want ice cream. We pulled off at a gas station while in Utah and I was thrilled to see a Dairy Queen. I ran inside to get one of those chocolate dipped soft-serve ice cream cones. Delicious! I think there might be something wrong with my family, as during a trip up Alaska's inland passage with my mother and sister we spent the entire time looking for ice cream. My sister had to have some cherry ice cream, so at every stop we would hop off the ferry and race around the tiny towns searching. We finally found some at the far end of our route, in Skagway. Perhaps it was all the searching, but it really did taste like the world's best ice cream.

While ordering at Burger King in Provo (R's family is strangely obsessed with eating there while traveling. Of course, R and I ate at nearly every Arby's between San Diego and Missoula, so I probably shouldn't be talking), I committed the most horrible and memorable slip of the tongue. I wanted to order a Firecracker TenderCrisp chicken sandwich, but when I opened my mouth what, to my dismay, came out? "Firecrapper." I almost died laughing. This is why I like those machines that take your order--no taking required!

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