Sunday, December 02, 2007

Counting the days

Two more weeks of school.

One more week of real teaching, plus one week of shortened classes and student presentations in the afternoon. Tomorrow is mostly students doing their own thing, so that hardly counts as teaching. I'll have to do some sort of summary activity or quiz at the end of the week, so that also eats up some class time.

If you can't tell, I'm quite ready for the semester to be over. Last week, at the last minute, I found out about a two day training scheduled for Thursday and Friday of that week. I could hardly believe my luck. Two days off of teaching! One of the other teachers at the conference warned one of my professors to look after me, as I appear to be burning out. Truthfully, that woman was quite correct. I am burning out. I don't want to do this anymore, I think I have gotten all I can out of this job, but I won't let myself quit either. I have to stick it out for another semester. I'll be doing my best (or at least the best I can do in my current state) and not just phoning it in, but I'm really just trying to survive at this point.

10 more days.


Today's selection is my second most worn pair of shoes: black Vans. These ones are old, and therefore a little faded, but when new they looked very sharp. Comfortable and casual, but nice enough for a business casual environment, I wind up wearing these shoes quite frequently. One of the first times I wore these, one of my advisory students tried to tease me because her feet were bigger than mine (I guess they hadn't realized it while I was wearing flip flops). I don't really understand the sixth grade mine, but I'm sure she will understand some day that people are generally not competing to have the largest feet.


Unnaturally Blonde said...

Hang in there!!! Before you know it, you'll have some freedom. What would you want to do if you weren't teaching?

Teacher Anonymous said...

I'd love to do something that has a non-sitting down component to it. My last job I got to get up and walk buildings before making their emergency floor plans on the computer. I've heard the US Forest Service is in need of biologists, so I might give that a shot.

Anonymous said...

your shoes are very nice but I just puchased mangio shos.