Friday, December 07, 2007

Why I always carry a bottle of water these days

As I was sitting in the traffic outside of my school this morning I got to watch my car's temperature gauge go up, and up, and up. Damn thing has a coolant leak, you see. At first I didn't have to do anything, then last spring I had to fill it up once, and then again a few months later. I've been filling it up more and more frequently since then, until this week, whereupon I filled it up Tuesday, drove it Thursday, and low coolant light came on during the drive to work today.

Lucky for me, I learned a few things about cars during all of the car trouble fraught family vacations I took as a child. As soon as I noticed the increasing engine temperature I turned on the heat full blast, which cooled down the engine a bit and allowed me to make it to school. At least it was cool out today and not 100 degrees in the middle of the desert, which is where I learned this particular trick.

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