Thursday, December 13, 2007

Unpleasant business

As I was trying to give my students every opportunity to bring their grades up, I missed the deadline to have letters sent home informing the parents about intersession (where students with high F's due to missed work can raise their grades to D's and avoid summer school), and therefore have to personally call the parents. I think it is rather hard on some of the sixth grade parents, as for many I'm the harbinger of the ill news that their child is not handling the transition from elementary to middle school gracefully. They ask why, but receive no consolation when answered that they child won't even do their work when I'm standing there prompting them. The bright spot in all this is that most of my failing ninth graders failed in a rather impressive way (meaning they did absolutely nothing and don't have a prayer of raising their grade to passing level), so I won't have to call their parents.


What you are witnessing here is the first time I have worn these shoes since I purchased them. Perhaps I'll wear them tomorrow, now that this fact has been brought to my attention.


Lara said...

yes! wear them tomorrow! they're cute. :)

Rachel said...

That sounds unbelievably frustrating. And disheartening. You're strong.