Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NaBloPoMo: Day 11

There is definitely something to be said for seasonal foods. Only being able to eat something a few times a year just makes it special. Like Peeps - they have Peeps for holidays other than Easter, but if you eat them you'll wind up overdosing and the Easter Peeps loose their charm. The Fourth of July just isn't an occasion for sugar-coated marshmallow goodness. I only think of this because I was recently eating a mandarin orange while sipping a glass of eggnog and I suddenly felt the holiday spirit.

Pumpkin is also something I only indulge in seasonally. I had two cans of pumpkin, purchased for a pasta recipe that never got made, sitting in my pantry for at least a year. However, only now, when one doesn't even have to get pumpkin from a can, did I wind up finally using them. For dinner we had pumpkin soup with blue cheese and bacon, and if that sounds incredibly rich and indulgent to you, well, you'd be right. As R pointed out, this soup has all flavors: sweet, spicy, cheese and bacon. Tasty.

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