Friday, November 06, 2009

NaBloPoMo: Day 6

I type this post with my left hand, as my right serves as a pillow for a sleeping baby. The little one is one month old today. As happens when you're busy, it seems like both yesterday and forever ago that she arrived.

Seeing her all the time, it is hard to see the changes that are taking place. She used to just sleep all the time, but she's slowly been spending more time awake. Instead of only crying for food or a diaper change, she now wants the occasional change of scenery. She's acquiring the chubbiness that distinguishes older babies from newborns. Her clothes seem to fit now, instead of hanging off her. I'm curious to see how long and heavy she is at her next doctor's appointment, though that is still a month off.

I'm glad I didn't go crazy buying baby clothes - just a few onesies so I didn't feel completely unprepared. I've yet to make it down to the bottom of any of the piles of clothes!

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