Friday, January 12, 2007

And one thing leads to another

When I was looking for the medical word for sleep talking, I wound up learning about Dion McGregor, who has had several albums of his somniloquies released. Apparently the guy fully narrates his dreams. Someone put a few clips up on a MySpace page in his honor. Unfortunately, I can only seem to get one working on my computer, but it was pretty amusing.*

I think I'm pretty lucky, since R is very understanding of my sleep talking. The second night we spent together I told him how I wanted to show him the Christmas lights in Auburn, so I guess he knew what he was getting into. My mom was mostly annoyed by my dad's sleep talking (probably more than other people might have been because she's such a light sleeper. Oh, and the dancing on the water bed really didn't help my dad's case). Even knowing that I sleep talk, R does get major credit for not freaking out over what I say, though. Apparently one night when I had gone to bed before him, I looked over at him when he was getting into bed and asked, "Which one are you?" and he didn't freak out. Didn't even wake me up. See? An amazing guy.

* Warning: salty language. Probably not anything you haven't heard before, but don't say I didn't warn you.

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