Sunday, January 07, 2007

A new year, a new quarter

Well, here we are at the cusp of a new quarter, in the fresh and shiny new year of 2007. Although I've already signed up for classes, I have yet to get my books or a notebook and I can't even remember what one of the classes I signed up for is about. It's a required class, so I suppose that it doesn't really matter anyway. In my practical class we start out as AVID tutors, but once they get us our placements we'll actually be teaching a class. It will probably only be one class, and we teach the lesson plan that our host teacher has prepared for us, but still - exciting! As might be expected, I'm a bit nervous. I'm glad they start us slowly into teaching; really just baby steps. Nevertheless, it will be new and nerve wracking. Wish me luck!


Teacher Jane said...

I was always torn between wanting to take baby steps into teaching and wanting to jump in head first. Tutoring and being a teacher's aide for several years before student teaching certainly helped with eliminating initial jitters and nervousness, but I still feel like I always wanted to just jump in headfirst.

Luckily, my cooperating teacher during my student teaching experience held the same belief. She threw me in, arms and legs flailing, and only offered to save me if she was sure I was drowning. It's intriguing to read that you seem to prefer baby steps.

I am very good at making things all about ME, but the whole point of making this comment was to wish you luck with your upcoming quarter. :)

Teacher Anonymous said...