Monday, January 29, 2007

A journal assignment

Each week, in tandem with the practical course, one of my education studies classes has us turn in a journal. Within this journal we have to report what we did in the tutoring class the previous week, note an interesting occurence, and then relate this occurence to the class readings. This third part is always the kicker for me, as some weeks I really haven't seen anything that relates to the readings. This last week, for example, all of our readings had to do with classroom management, and I really didn't see any of that during my tutoring sessions. I wound up having to really stretch one event I saw to make it fit with a small blurb in the readings (the other tutor in the history section I tutored wound up leading the students into a discussion on the concept of a draft, so I related that to a brief section in the readings that talked about teaching ethics to the kids). Honestly, when we have to stretch so much to get our events to fit the reading, I feel that we're learning to twist the truth rather than make poignant observations on teaching.

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