Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another setback

In my search for a teacherly wardrobe, I turned my sights to the Mervyns business casual section (being conveniently close to my house). I found one shirt I rather like amongst the frumpy clothing, and on my most recent trip I found a second, which I wore for the first time yesterday. I was slightly iffy about the shirt's appropriateness when I got it, but now I am quite sure: Too much boob. How Mervyns manages to have a business casual section that is, at the same time, too frumpy and too sexy is beyond me, but this shirt definitely shows too much cleavage.

I also tried Ann Taylor LOFT for clothes (they're having their end-of-the-year ultimate sale) and bought one of those hangy-downy tunics that seem to be so in fashion these days. Actually, I bought two because they were cheap and I couldn't decide between black and cranberry (I could just hear my mom's voice in my head, "All you wear is black." I don't, and what is wrong with wearing black clothes, anyway?). They finally arrived, and what do you know, they don't look nearly as cool on me as they did on the model. Even R thinks they make me look pudgy and matronly, and he's much less critical than I am. I think I might keep them, though. Who knows when looking pudgy and matronly might come in handy? Well, that and I'm desperate for clothes that might be considered school appropriate.


Teacher Jane said...

Shopping for school-appropriate clothes is by far the most agonizing experience. Everything is, as you said, either too frumpy or too booby. As a result, my wardrobe consists of button-down shirts, cardigans, and pants that will never run the risk of exposing my asscrack.

I tend to play it on the safe side. If I look pudgy and matronly? Well, then, I must be looking a-okay to appear in school in front of a bunch of adolescents.

Some of my colleagues, on the other hand... well. I'm in the English department. Need I say more?

Teacher Anonymous said...

Heh. Why make fun of you English people when you make fun of yourselves? Ah, you crack me up.

My personal clothing issues, beyond the usual, have to do with bodily quirks. I've never been able to find a button-down shirt that doesn't gape open in the middle (damn you, boobs! I so love the look of button-down shirts, too) and cardigans make me too warm (damn you, San Diego weather!). I'm doing a bit better in the pants department, but I think it might be time to invest in a belt or two.