Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A's family is also 8 years old

As I may have mentioned before, my broad sense of humor has a definite twist towards what might be considered juvenile. This has gotten me into trouble in the past with a certain administrative assistant, who did not think that a banana peel in the recycling was at all funny. Now, mind you, I didn't put the banana peel there and it was kind of a sucky thing to do, but it was also hilarious. Luckily, now that I've moved offices, we've gotten ourselves a different administrative assistant. She's from the main office and so has gotten to know my dad (he works there), which therefore means she's already had some experience with my sense of humor as, you see, I got it from my dad. Although this was never in dispute, it really couldn't have been clearer this Christmas. My grandparents had gotten R and me a box of See's goodies, which happened to include a package of milk chocolate foil balls and a tin of extra fancy mixed salted nuts. Balls and salted nuts. When my grandparents left the room for a moment, my whole family cracked up. Shweaty balls, anyone?

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Lara said...

ah, shweaty balls. so awesome, so hilarious. we have a home video of my dad getting my two-year-old sister to yell out "rancid nuts" really loudly, just because he thought it was funny. :-P