Saturday, January 06, 2007

A pointless trip down memory lane

As we were driving to Ikea this afternoon, we happened to be passed by a motorcyclist. Today, unlike other days, this sight vividly brought up memories of my father's motorcycle. During his brief bachelor period (in between marriages), my dad finally got himself a motorcycle (my mom would never let him have one). It wasn't some cool chopper or a zippy looking crotch rocket, but rather a BMW touring bike that sounded like George Jetson's flying saucer. It really was a perfect fit, as my dad is a big dork. When he would use it to drop my sister off at school, she would always make him stop a block away, because she was too embarrassed. I, unfortunately, was never allowed to ride on it. My mom wouldn't allow it, and my dad, being the good guy that he is, respected the fact that she had 51% custody of me and didn't take me on the bike. He finally let me ride it just before he sold it, so that I wouldn't feel quite so left out. Of course, by that time I was living with him full time, so my mom couldn't really object. I still didn't mention it, though.


Lara said...

my dad had a motorcycle when i was younger. he got in a really bad accident when i was in second grade. very scary stuff. it took many months, but eventually he recovered back to normal. for the rest of his life, though, he had scars on his knee from the surgery, and a big scar from the corner of his mouth diagonally across to the back of his jawline. he used to take us for rides around the neighborhood sometimes after work, but we were never allowed to ride on it on real streets or highways.

wow, talk about pointless trips down memory lane. :-P

Teacher Jane said...

I'm glad you've got such good memories of the motorcycle. I find that most of mine are pretty terrible (an uncle to whom I was very closed suffered fatal injuries in a crash). However, I do remember being taken out once on a Harley. I was (am) too much of a chicken to enjoy it as much as I should have, but it is still one of my fondest memories from childhood.