Saturday, March 17, 2007


I'm not, but R's sister-in-law is. She was due on Monday and we're all so excited! Well, I think anxious might be a better description of the mood now (and we're not even the ones having the baby). Every time our home phone rings I rush to pick it up, hoping that it is R's brother calling to tell us that labor has commenced, but so far I have only been disappointed. We're hoping for a St. Patrick's Day birth, so fingers crossed everyone!


alyndabear said...

Oh, that would be a great birthday - green parties every year! ;) Thinking good thoughts..

Ah, a fellow 'youngun. It's strange, most people I tend to stalk are older. It's nice to finally meet someone my age WITH a dvd obsession. It's bad. My bank balance is hating me right now!!

Oh, I have the extended wear contacts too! Mine are 30 days, with some break days for cleaning. It's still cheating though, I want to REALLY see of a morning! Laser surgery.. one day..

Teacher Anonymous said...

R's mom was born on St. Patrick's Day also (apparently, back in the day, hospitals in Ireland used to name all kids born on St. Patrick's Day either Patrick or Patricia, regardless of what their families wanted. That's how R's mom got her name), which is one of the reasons why we're all hoping for today.

alyndabear said...

Well in that case, fingers crossed it definitely IS today! (Even though it's already Sunday here.. so St Pats is done and gone.)

Would she/he get named the Irish way, if the entrance is made today?

Teacher Anonymous said...

Nope, though Patrick is the planned middle name anyway. In any case, still no baby.