Thursday, March 08, 2007


R showed me this comic yesterday. It is, unfortunately, exactly what happens when I get near cats (though I think it happens a bit around dogs, too).

I swear, if I keep learning new things about teaching every day (as I have been), then I might actually have a fighting chance of surviving my internship year. Today, because I was feeling overly sensitive to time (I ran long yesterday) and also because I didn't talk quite as much as my host teacher did during first period, I finished up early. Too early, actually, as the kids were able to finish their homework and then had five minutes left. It was chaos! Mild chaos, but still chaos. One of the boys was holding a piece of paper up for another guy to punch holes in with one of the meter sticks. Why?!

So, yes. Five minutes is just too long for sixth graders to be left to their own devices. Oh, and the new antiperspirant? No better than the old antiperspirant. Quite frustrating.


Lori said...

Last night I was watching tv and I saw a commercial for a new brand of Secret, “Clinical strength.” It made me think of this blog so I thought I’d share!

Teacher Anonymous said...

My armpits are famous!