Friday, March 02, 2007

Teacher A: Still with 10 fingers

In case you're wondering what that's all about, I got to use the paper cutter today - and I didn't injure myself! I'm a bit accident prone, but so far I've mostly escaped with bumps and bruises (and one dislocated shoulder). I'm afraid that some day I'm going to do myself permanent harm, and the paper cutter seems like the perfect way to slice the tip off a finger.

The students have been doing their global warming presentations these last two days in class, and they're so cute! One group did a wrap and put tin foil over their upper teeth to imitate having grills. A bit disturbing (in my opinion, tin foil is for external use only, but apparently I'm not as cool as my host teacher), but still pretty funny. There are so many little overachievers in the two classes that I see. The kids were just supposed to make a little presentation that related two of the figures from the book to global warming. We wound up with PowerPoint presentations and dioramas. They're just so earnest in their search for good grades that they don't know an easy 'A' when they see one.

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