Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Venting about the kids

They don't really listen to me. Of course, it seems like they just might not know how to follow directions. This became quite apparent today when they didn't know that they needed to do their homework on a separate sheet of paper, even though I told them that fact and it was also written on the piece of paper right above the homework questions. Not to mention the fact that all the questions were just crammed onto that sheet of paper, so there wasn't any space to write down answers anyway. Of course, I should have been expecting this, since last week a fair number of the kids didn't even do one of the homework assignments, even though I told them they needed to do it and it was written up on the assignment board in the homework section, where their homework assignments have been written all year. Gah!

I guess I'm just going to have to learn to repeat myself. Repeatedly.

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