Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thinking about kids

I'm on the cusp of becoming an aunt, so, as one might imagine, children have been on my mind lately. I'm planning on having kids in a few years, but my sister isn't. She likes kids well enough, thinks she might even adopt, but really has no urge to produce one of her own. She's down with the whole 'cool aunt' role (of course, she's also 20, so she could change her mind in the future). B and I were discussing it, though, and we're thinking that probably only two of the four of us (my sister, my step-siblings, and myself) will wind up having children. My step-sister seems like she might, but my step-brother probably won't. Actually, as B and I were thinking back on it, we've never known him to have any sort of interactions with the opposite sex. We decided that he's just a bit too laid back to put in the effort, and life is good without women. He has a job that allows him to do what he wants (drink and bowl), and really he's just content with that.

There also was a very interesting article in the newspaper about voluntary childlessness (and how people in the U.S., while more accepting of the child-free lifestyle than in, say, the '50s, still find it rather odd). So, how about you guys? Kids in your future?

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Lara said...

i cannot WAIT to have kids. being a wife and mother has been pretty much my life's ambition for as long as i can remember. it's what i've always felt drawn to do with my life. i am so excited to be a mom someday. :)