Monday, January 21, 2008


We were very productive today, on this damp and wonderful day off. R and I had been thinking of perhaps going mountain biking again, but due to the rain (and lingering soreness), we called it off. I then decided that it would be the perfect day to go wedding cake tasting. Being the decisive people that we are, we wound up buying the cake. The place we visited was recommended to us for being and excellent bakery and offering very good prices, so I don't think we could have done better if we had looked all weekend.

We decided to get a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting, with tiers filled, alternately, with chocolate and white chocolate mousse. The outside will have white squiggly lines all over a white base, which reminds me of a brain coral. It should be interesting and tasteful, just what I was looking for. Success!


moonbirdliz said...

YUM. yumyumyumyumyum. NUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geggie said...

MMMMM, cake!

Rachel said...

That is a success!

Sounds marvelous!