Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Recipe Review: Smoked Salmon Vermicelli

I'll tell you what, this recipe is pretty much my ideal recipe. It's fast, easy, and delicious. It is, however, a good lesson in why you want to prepare your ingredients beforehand. While things were cooking, I was frantically chopping. Since my local grocery store does not appear to know what vermicelli is, I had to substitute angel hair pasta, which cooks faster and changes the rhythm of the recipe. I wound up having to take the boiling pot of water off the heat to let the other ingredients catch up.

In any case, the pasta was great. Even R, who isn't the biggest salmon fan, liked it. The only issue we could find with this recipe was that, for the rest of the evening, we had smoked salmon-flavored burps. Next time, we might try substituting shallots for the onion (we just like the flavor better) and perhaps having shrimp as the meat. The simple cream sauce from the recipe seems open to many possibilities.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, the flavor of shallots is better.