Thursday, January 03, 2008

A dress pattern!

Finally! I've found a dress pattern that looks nice. I've basically given up on the idea of keeping my tattoo covered. Apparently fashion these days is all about showing off your back.

What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

That's the perfect dress! The top is like that one in the facebook pictures that I liked. You have a tiny ass waist, so this bodice will totally show it off. Do you think you'll go with bright white or something a little more champagne-y? And don't worry about the tattoo... I doubt anyone will be offended by it. You could always try to cover it up with those icky make up kits they sell at the bridal shops.

Unnaturally Blonde said...

It's absolutely stunning. I tried on a dress similar to that when we were getting married. I think it would be beautiful, a great choice!!

alyndabear said...

I think it's absolutely gorgeous, A. :P Really lovely

Geggie said...

Beautiful, classic and simple. The exact things that I'm getting from reading about you!

I'm having a little contest at my blog if you'd like to participate.

Teacher Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reassurance, all. I'm not sure exactly what color I'll wind up choosing for the dress. White is nice, but I'm afraid that I might look washed out. Perhaps I'll go for an ivory color, something not so obviously not-white but still a little less glaring.