Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What will they be like in two weeks, I wonder?

Yesterday was the first day back in school after three weeks of vacation for student and teacher alike. The thought of going back made me anxious, and arriving at school sent my intestines into knots, but the students have been surprisingly good. Shockingly good. They've been doing their work with little complaint and some shepherding. In my more challenging class we lost three people, which probably helped, but all of my classes have been good. It really makes me think that year-round school is the answer. The students seem fresh and somewhat receptive to learning. I'm still not feeling it, but perhaps that is contributing to the positive student attitude, as I am mostly having them work with their table groups and allowing them to listen to their iPods when finished. Nothing like good old-fashioned bribery, eh?


alyndabear said...

That's great to hear -- going back after a break is always a bit daunting.

I'm not exactly ENJOYING the teaching here in London.. but hopefully I'll learn to love it!

Teacher Anonymous said...

I hope so! If not, just remember that you're gaining valuable work experience.