Thursday, January 03, 2008

Recipe Review: Emeril's Gulfcoast Fishhouse Restaurant Baked Oysters

During our time in Montana, we watched a lot of TV. An awful lot. Obscene amounts of TV. Apparently sitting zombie-like in the same room counts as family time to some people.

Anyway, during the daytime most of the TV we watched was Food Network, and one of the recipes sounded delicious enough for my TV-addled brain to remember that it wanted to try said recipe. Emeril's Gulfcoast Fishhouse Restaurant Baked Oysters. They sounded so good. They contained all of my favorite ingredients: seafood, butter, garlic. How could that combination be anything but delicious?

I was, however, shocked to discover that there is such a thing as too much butter. I know what you're saying. How could this be true? I tell you now my friends, it is true. Somehow, all of these delicious ingredients combined to make something mediocre. Perhaps I just don't like oysters enough--on the show, Emeril mentioned that the recipe could also be made with scallops, but I wasn't sure how one might cook that.

Oh, well. Better luck next time.

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