Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Recipe Review: Risotto with Spicy Sausage

Man, I love risotto. You can put just about anything in it, whatever you might have around the house, and it always tastes delicious (well, there were a few objections to figs, but I thought they were rather nice). After attempting to go to the supermarket on New Year's Eve with no success, I spent the trip home pondering what I might make. Risotto came to mind, so as soon as I got home I did a search to see what sort of tasty recipes I might find. The one I wound up with, risotto with spicy sausage, was delicious (as I expected). Admittedly, I made the slight alteration of using Cajun sausage instead of Italian, added a bit of sherry, and left out the parsley, but I think the recipe itself has innate merit.


Psychgrad said...

Recipe sounds good! Nice to find you (on 20-something bloggers)

Teacher Anonymous said...