Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow on the cacti

Yesterday, R, B, and I went snowboarding. R and I had been planning on going for a while, since the storm that had passed through the area purportedly dumped 4' of snow on the mountains (in truth, more like 1.5'), but I was a little surprised when my sister clamored to go. She had only arrived back in the country at 4 am on Friday, having spent the last 16 days in Bali. I can only imagine that she slept well last night, seeing as she was severely jet lagged. Poor thing!

Still I know she had a good time. She's a trooper (or possibly just a little mad).

On our way home, we saw a tiny car with a ridiculous spoiler that looked like the head of a manta ray.

Maybe I'm a little mad myself.

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