Monday, July 02, 2007

By the way...

I was reading this article about Post-it notes and was moved to make a confession.

I don't think I could live without Post-it notes. Actually, I'm pretty sure my family would be unable to function without Post-it notes. Notes on the bathroom mirrors were a primary form of communication in my house for a very long time, and even now my mom still sends me messages on Post-it notes (yes, in the mail). I've got a pretty good stockpile in a little basket in my desk drawer, tiny tabs filling my cookbooks, and notes to myself covering the edges of my computer monitor (the new bathroom mirror). When I can't find a note, I'm reduced to writing on my hand, which doesn't hold up well to hand washing.

I will probably wind up copying my host teacher and using Post-it notes for my seating chart. Long live the Post-it!

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alyndabear said...

I'm the queen of post its! I particularly like coloured ones, and ones with pointy arrows and things. (You should've seen my collection when I was at uni!)

And for the record, I think the idea for the post it seating chart is AWESOME. ;)