Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Second-hand news

Today, I just found out that my mom is on her way out of the country for a cruise of Norway. Last I knew, she was still in Spain or Portugal. I found this out from my sister, who was at the airport, returning from visiting my mom.

I had no idea my mom was back in the United States. I had no idea my sister wasn't in San Diego.

This is all coming after finding out from my boss that my dad broke a bunch of his ribs. I am so out of the loop.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but have they moved and not told you or changed the locks and not given you a key?!? If "no" is the answer to both questions, then they still love you!

Teacher Anonymous said...


Well, my mom may actually have changed the locks, but I don't think I had a key anymore anyway.