Sunday, July 22, 2007


im brilliant - I can tell.

hopping on the bandwagon - You tool.

things to do in the middle of the night - I've got a few ideas. [nudge nudge, wink wink]

obsessive worrying global warming - See! This is why you don't show An Inconvenient Truth to little kids.

abo blood gel card china - I really don't know what you're talking about here.

world of warcraft mangos sexy cloth pack - Are you thinking of The Sims?

We just love teachers around here

birthday gift for a teachre - Is this teacher British? How about some crumpets? Marmite?

teacher s&m - You're a very naughty student! Bad, bad boy!

teachers concentration whiskey 0% - When whiskey level is 0%, teacher concentration level is 100%.

Questions I Can, In Fact, Answer

can i have aa genotype when my mom is o blood type - Nope. [gasp] Are you just discovering the long hidden family secret that you were stolen as an infant?

how many hours to drive to montana - 16.5 hours. If you make quick pit stops, it will take all of 17 hours.


Miss A said...

S & m = ROFL, I always thought ALL teachers were into S & M . . . :)) LOL

alyndabear said...

It'd take a looooooooot longer to drive to Montana from here, let me tell you. ;)

Someone's birthday soon! Woo!

Teacher Anonymous said...

miss a - If by S&M you mean science and math, then of course we're all into S&M... Well, except for those English folks. Weirdos.

alyndabear - Someone else's birthday soon, too!