Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fingers crossed

Had my interview today.

The school was interviewing several of the biology students for one or two slots (they still need to get their shit together and figure out classes, particularly since inservice starts next week and classes the week after). When I finally was brought in to the interview (I'm chronically early because I always used to be chronically late. No sense of time), what the interviewer was most interested in was my psychology degree. Apparently the lady is half administrator/half teacher and really wanted to teach an introductory psychology class. The principal wasn't so keen on the idea, knowing the extent of her administrative duties. The interviewer was thrilled when she noticed my degree and therefore wants to team-teach the course. Honestly, I had always planned on setting up a psychology class at the school where I wind up teaching, just because I enjoy the subject (students seem to as well), but the idea that my fluff major might get my a job is pretty hilarious.

I also got to pimp my step-mom during the interview. I used her as an example of how having control over your curriculum leads to a very satisfying job experience, only to find out that the school has a fully-equipped professional kitchen and has been looking for an advanced/ROP culinary arts teacher. Even though my step-mom loves her school, this one where I was interviewing is a great deal closer to her house, so perhaps they'll make her an offer they can't refuse. In any case, the interviewer was very excited at the prospect, so I gave her my step-mom's phone number. Couldn't hurt, right?

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