Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wedding learning

Just back from a wedding.

Okay, so we were back at 9:30 and have since been watching Strange Brew and drinking whiskey sours. What of it? Anyway, here are the things I learned from our friend's wedding:

1. Have the officiant tell people when to sit down. Everyone rose when the bride walked in, but then no one could tell when to sit back down. You could see people starting to sit down and then stand back up because of peer pressure.

2. Whiskey is a good drink. Previously, whiskey always made me shudder involuntarily, but when the groom dropped off a partial bottle at the table this time I had a glass and it was quite nice. This also explains why the screen seems to be swaying right now. Good thing I wasn't driving, eh?

1 comment:

alyndabear said...

Whiskey, eh? Interesting choice!

I'm not usually a fan, but depends on the evening of course!