Monday, July 02, 2007

Red badge of courage

I'm a real mountain biker now. I've got the wounds to prove it.

(I've also got some rather impressive bruises now, but this photo was taken right after I got home, before they had a chance to really bloom).

We were on an afternoon ride at the trail near our house. As I was traveling down a narrow and rocky descent, my front tire slipped off the path. I tried to get it back on, then bailed, as I could tell that bike was going down. I wound up doing a belly flop onto the path. R was out of site, so I got myself up and rode the rest of the way through the narrow section to where he had stopped. I got off my bike, bleeding, and started to tell him what happened. I passed out and fell (towards the descending side of the hill), my bike falling on top of me. R said that my life flashed before his eyes, and he leaped into action, pulling the bike off of me and helping me over to the other, safer side of the path. To me though, one fuzzy moment after I was looking at my bloody knee, I found myself sitting by the side of the path, trying to figure out whether or not R had noticed that I had just experienced some missing time. I'm always trying to play it cool like that.

In any case, R bandaged me up and, after a rest, we were back on our way. Can't just poop out in the middle of nowhere, now can I?


alyndabear said...

Ouch, you poor thing! Hoping you're not in too much pain after.

Us younguns need to look after ourselves, since we have so much life to live.. except for the 5 days that you're older than me of course.

(No, I'm totally not going to shut up about that, because it's cool.)

Teacher Anonymous said...

They actually aren't that painful. I only really notice them when I bump them. I am, however, wearing a skirt to class today so that I can show them off. I'm such a dork!

My family has got a cluster of July birthdays, so I always used to have a joint family celebration with my mom (21st) and grandad (20th). We'd have our combined age as the number on the cake, so they were always saying I must be 20-something for the number to be that large. lol

Anyway, happy 46th combined birthday to us.

Katie said...

Ouch! That looks so painful! I hope you get lots of "oohs" and "ahhs" about it and of course, play up to it, pretend it's agony. People will get you things. Like drinks and cake.

Am I just really evil?
Yeah, I think so. :P

Teacher Anonymous said...

Mmm... Sympathy cake.

Unfortunately, I come off as much too proud of my wounds to get sympathy cake. Perhaps congratulations-on-being-hardcore doughnuts?