Sunday, July 01, 2007


The teaching field is going downhill

neat ideas for a teacher's weddings - Hopefully, they will be the same sorts of ideas one would find for a non-teacher wedding. The ruler, apple, and pencil motif is for classroom use only.

teacher of s&m in las vegas - Umm... Yeah. Wrong kind of teacher.

a goo teacher - You're making me cry.

am i too close with teacher - Matching outfits and outrageous text messaging bills? Too close.

Too many people not using their brains

what does silence is the greatest teacher mean (anonymous) - [crickets]

the good thing i have learned in the past - I don't think I can help you with this one.

thoughts on cooking - Do you like to cook? Then say, "I think I like cooking."

what to say in gratitude to grandparents? - Thank you?

smoke detector won't stop chirping - Um... Yeah. If you die in a fire, this totally gets a Darwin award mention.

shelving books alphabetizing by author fiction - Well, you start with Alan Aardvark...

Medical problems

people who intentionally break things phobia - Best search ever.

Big Brother is watching

is making a wedding mix cd illegal - The real question is, which one of your guests is going to rat on you.

wedding favors mix cds illegal - Singing now! "Paranoia, paranoia. Every body's coming to get me..."


national hugging day crotch - No crotch hugs!

hair perm orange, lime lemon - Yummy.


Lara said...

ha - you had me laughing out loud at multiple points. great post. :)

alyndabear said...

Crotch hugging sounds.... intimate? ;)